More Tiberius Products

More Tiberius Products

Was going to post this Monday, but these new toys are too cool to wait…

I remember way back in the day of big woods fields when all the serious paintball players carried a pistol for backup, usually a PGP or Nelspot. All the great stories in between games usually had “So there I was, going for my backup…” somewhere in the middle of it. This tradition died out when fields and games became shorter and shorter until the whole idea of a paintball pistol nearly died out.

With the return of woodsball and the rise of scenario play, carrying a paintball pistol is the new cool. You see them in a tactical holster ready to make the last stand or as a player’s lone marker for the challenge of being the underdog. The pistol system that is leading the pack is hands down the Tiberius system.

The Tiberius pistol is constructed of aluminum and tough polymer. The quality of construction is first rate. The base model takes an 8 round magazine that loads into the grip like a traditional automatic. The 12gr CO2 cartridge is also housed within the mag and is sealed before loading and after ejection, meaning you don’t need to reload CO2 the same time as paintballs. Each time you load a fresh mag you are also putting in new CO2. You get about 4-5 mag’s worth of shots per each cartridge. The velocity is simple to adjust, maintainence is easy and their accuracy surprises everyone… including your opponents.

We originally sold the base model pistol but due to demand we are expanding with more of the Tiberius line. We have the Player’s Pack with pistol, holster, extra magazine and pouch for those wanting the whole package. TheSOCOM edition features a threaded barrel to accept a mock silencer and laser sight with touchpad to put that intimidating red dot on their chest before firing.

Tiberius, dedicated to the true scenario player, have now branched out into converting the base pistol into something for every player. The T9 Pro and T9 Elite are the next evolution of their product. You know how all the James Bond movies have the mysterious assassin carrying a case around? They open it up and slowly assemble a sniper rifle to go do the dirty work with? Thats the feeling you get when you first open up the T9’s hardcase. Both models include a redesigned pistol with lots of tac rails, remote hose adapter and a righthand feedneck if you feel like using a conventional hopper instead of the supplied magazine. The Pro comes with a barrel extension, flash hider, foregrip, laser sight and collapsible stock. The Elite comes all of the above, PLUS a tactical flashlight, mock scope red dot sight, mock silencer and bipod! Each set is a whole system where components can be mixed and matched to the scenario you are playing.

Tiberius obviously listens to the demands of scenario players and keep innovating with some the coolest and inventive designs I have seen in years of playing paintball.

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