Empire Paintball Guns & Markers

Get out on the field and play with Empire Paintball Markers

Empire paintball guns are some of the best competition guns on the market. We carry a variety of Empire's paintball guns that will fit practically any budget.

Check out some of Empire's choices below:

Mini GS - Here's the next generation of the extremely popular Empire Mini series. They have taken the Mini and redesigned and developed it into a better paintball gun. It's an excellent choice for those first entering or thinking of getting into competitive paintball.

Empire Axe - For the price of this marker, it just simply cannot be beat. It is considered as the Empire Mini on steroids. Not only does the Axe hold a large amount of title wins in tournaments, but it has been used by PSP pro players too!

Empire Sniper - is an amazing pump gun designed by Empire. This is the modern day version of the past time WGP Sniper for those pump style players. This is a true tournament level pump gun that is built in an old school way.

Vanquish - The latest and greatest addition to the Empire collection. This beautiful paintball gun is one of the top high-end markers on the market. An amazing fact about this marker is it only requires one size of Allen screw to maintain the entire gun!!

Designed to bury the competition, Empire Paintball Markers deliver game winning performance for all levels of competitive play. The Empire Mini is one of the smallest, lightest and most compact paintball guns ever. It set new standards for gas efficiency and speed at a price anyone can afford.

The Empire Axe is the Mini's big brother on steroids. Everything is enhanced from the more ergonomic frame, On/Off Relay Regulator and quick pull no-tools bolt. The Empire Vanquish is the flagship of the Empire line, engineered to dominate the competition. The Vanquish breaks new ground in high end marker design, introducing new features such as one single screw size throughout, hinged body access to the internals and a digital operating pressure readout.

Empire doesn't just create legends; it brings classics into the modern age. The WGP Autococker design has been reborn. The Empire Resurrection Autococker Paintball Marker is a faithful update featuring a single slide trigger frame, half block body and traditional front pneumatics. Everything you wish the Cockers of old had, the Resurrection has. The Empire Sniper Pump Marker sets the bar for modern pump design. Out of the box the Sniper sports a single hinge trigger frame, autotrigger and a Hitman Mod-style pump.

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