Virtue Halo Upgrade Kit - Halo and Invert Too


* Virtue Halo/Invert Too Upgrade Board - increases performance, ease of use, and reliability.
* Virtue RF Transmitter & Receiver for your Gun & Virtue Hopper Board - adds wireless RF link between your hopper and gun for more consistent feeding.
* Virtue Crown Lidless Feeding System with Ultrasoft & Standard Crowns - Reload without opening a hopper lid. Two style Crowns included (with one single hopper adapter) for your preference.


* Performance Optimized
* Multi-Sensor Technology(patent pending)
* Dual On-board Sensors
* Easily Adjustable
* USB Upgradeable
* RF Upgradeable
* Adjustable Speed Settings
* Jam Detection / Auto un-jam
* Battery level Indicator
* Lifetime Warranty

Adjustable Settings

* RF Sync
* Feed Speed
* Idle Speed
* Auto Shutdown Time
* Eye Mode
* Un-jam Force
* Motor Torque
* Accelerometer Sensitivity
* Motor Feedback Detection
* Eye Sensitivity
* Audio Control
* Multi-Sensor Technology(patent pending)
* Includes Two RF Modules
* Performance Optimized
* Plug-n-play Technology
* Lifetime Warranty

Patent pending Multi-sensor technology seamlessly link the hopper and the gun, so it no longer has to guess when you're going to shoot or how much pressure to apply to the ball stack. Regular hoppers rely apply an unnecessary amount of pressure on the ball stack - reducing battery life and increasing the chance of paint breakage
By using RF Modules, which plug into the hopper and in your gun board, your wireless RF setup becomes portable from gun to gun so you no longer have to buy new boards everytime you change equipment.
The Virtue Crown "lid-less" feed system makes reloading easier than ever while. No more opening the lid. No more paintballs spilling out or feeders popping off.
The Ultra Soft Crown's patent pending hinged elastomer design allows paint to flow lightning fast into the hopper while preventing paint from coming back out under normal conditions. Hard dives or shaking with the Ultra Soft Crown will cause you to loose a few balls. For a 100% secure feed, that is quick to reload, but not as fast as the Ultra Soft, see the Standard Crown.

* Ultra Fast Lid-Less Feed
* Secure Locking Ring w/ Thumbscrew
* Durable, Memory Resistant Elastomer Will Not Crack or Get Brittle
* Available in Ultra-Soft or Standard Elasticity Versions.

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