Gravity-Fed Hoppers and Loader Accessories from JT Paintball

JT hoppers & loaders over the years have been all time favorites on the field. The eVLution, also known as the Egg, was an all time favorite back in the days that old school ballers still talk about. Another all time favorite, the Revolution (Revvy) was and still is a favorite hopper talked about from time to time. With rules limiting BPS (balls per second) that are shot at 12.5 or lower, talk about buying a Revvy again comes into play more often than one would think. With its lightweight design and super strong shell, this hopper can take the toughest beating and keep going. For those who have an eVLution and needs parts for it we have nylon rivets, tension springs, and shell halves. A unique style of tank cover that also plays the roll of a hopper cover, JT has designed a Reversible Hopper Cover.