US Army Carver One Paintball Gun

The US Army Carver One paintball gun is one of the most versatile tactical guns in paintball!

Introducing the latest in Tippmann's popular US Army line of paintball markers. The Carver One paintball gun brings added customization and affordability to the design and function of the Tippmann 98 Custom inline bolt system.

the versatile design of the Carver One allows for a variety of add-ons including: bipods, foregrips, sights, scopes, tactical flashlights, cameras, and other accessories to provide look and function that is unique to your needs.

The Tippmann team designed the US Army Carver One to come standard with a horizontal foregrip allowing for tighter prone shooting and a more traditional stance. The all-metal receiver and airline hose ensures durability and quality when making those hard bunker slides. The Carver One accepts all standard US Army and Tippmann 98 shoulder stocks allowing even further customization to give a more stable firing platform. Built in sling mounts allow easy attachment to tactical vests, which frees you up to move easier across the field, provides quick storage if you want to carry a sidearm, or simply a handy place to hang your marker between games. Now that is cool!

The US Army Carver One is a great value for the entry player, and provides a firm platform for players to build on as their experience develops. If you're looking for the most realistic way to get in the game, just remember… Play Smart, Play Strong, US Army Paintball.

US Army Carver One features:
  • - Semi automatic
  • - .68 Caliber
  • - 8.5 inch Quick Thread barrel
  • - Proven high performance In-Line Bolt System
  • - All aluminum die cast receiver
  • - Heavy duty stainless steel braided air line
  • - Durable matte black finish
  • - Four picatinny rails for adding sights, vertical grips, lasers and other tactical accessories
  • - Flat foregrip area for traditional shooting posture
  • - Built-in sling mounts
  • - Built-in front and rear sights
  • - Accepts 98 Custom and US Army shoulder stocks
  • - Maintenance Pack with allen wrench set, marker oil, cleaning cable, barrel cover and manual included.

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