What Did the Buyer Buy?

What Did the Buyer Buy?

So what paintball gear have I bought for myself lately? Well, let’s see…

Smart Parts 07 Pro Touch Grips ($19.99). After checking out the Epiphany at World Cup I’ve been waiting for Smart Parts to release these grips and now they have. The looks are sleek and stylish without too much graphics and have a nice sticky texture to grip your gloves. I especially like how they narrow at the top and bottom center to fit the contours of the hand and leave room to shift positions for your trigger fingers. Really, the best deal on grips for a standard .45 frame out there.

Hybrid Halo Backplate ($8.50). Not only do they look cool but the rubber on/off button is a lot more durable than the flimsy membrane that comes stock on Halos and Reloader Bs.

NXe Elevation Series Paintball Harness ($59.95-74.95). Best… harness… EVER!! No really, I mean it. Easily the most comfortable harness in the world, with three big padded “bumps” in the back to cushion the weight against your spine and flexes on the ends so it doesn’t dig into your sides. Elastic ejectors with grippy disks that don’t slip off the pods and yes, the slots are big enough to hold Dye LockLids. I took a break from playing at our indoor field to go get something to drink at the convenience store. When I got back I couldn’t find my harness and was sure someone stole it till I looked down and saw I was still wearing it. Its great for players like me with occasional back problems. It provides lots of support for your lower back when sliding and crouching.

Its those little things that make a difference while playing!

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