WGP Synergy Marker with VL Revolution Force Loa

The Synergy is a fine tuned marker designed to work with VL Force Loaders and Fluid Paintballs for peak performance. The Synergy works off an open bolt, low operating pressure system and has an adjustable regulator with a volumizer. With a fire rate of 18 balls a second this marker will be one of the fastest shots on the field.


  • Four Firing Modes: NXL Full Auto, PSP Ramp,
  • Shot Burst, NPPL Semi-Auto
  • Shoots 18 balls per second
  • LED light system
  • Adjustable rate of fire up to 20 bps
  • Low Pressure Operation for Smoother Firing
  • Adjustable Regulator/Front Grip for Better Gas Efficiency
  • Spring Loaded Anti-Chop Bolt for Reduced Paint Breakage
  • Custom Clamping Feed Neck
  • 14” 1-Piece Barrel for Accuracy
  • Volumizer for Better Gas Efficiency
  • Open Bolt Operation for Easy Maintenance
  • Operates on CO2 and Compressed Air/Nitrogen
  • Works best with Hydro and Monsoon Paintballs

    Loader Features:

  • Continuous Force Feed
  • Jam Free Six Blade Force Feed Paddle
  • 18 BPS Feed Rate
  • 2 Piece Body Design
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