New Empire BT Paintball Guns are shipping!


New Empire BT Paintball Guns are shipping!

Empire has come out swinging this year, releasing a ton of new paintball gear at the Paintball Extravaganza Trade Show. The big headliners were the Empire Vanquish Paintball Gun, theResurrection Autococker, and the JT Impulse but the new BT Paintball Guns for 2013 certainly deserve more attention. After all, the Vanquish is pretty awesome but a lot more players will be shooting BT guns! Empire gave a favorite model a facelift while delivering the old standby in a hot new configuration. The venerable BT-4 Combat received a serious overhaul in 2011 with the arrival of the BT-4 Slice paintball gun. The Slice introduced a hinged body to make maintenance much quicker and easier while maintaining the proven and reliable inline blowback system. As part of their licensing agreement with H&K, Empire has been producing HK paintball guns for the milsim crowd. This year we get the Empire BT G36 paintball gun and the Empire BT G36 Elite paintball gun.

Both markers are based on the BT-4 Slice chassis and come loaded with accessories to give the look and feel of an H&K G36 rifle. The BT-4 Slice G36 delivers a barrel shroud and full length raised carry handle for that classic G36 profile. The top of the carry handle is 7/8″ picatinny rail to accept a variety of red dot sights, mounts or other tactical accessories and the increased height provides some extra clearance so you can sight down it easily while wearing a paintball mask. Both a mock magazine and a folding foregrip give you options for handling the G36. The rear of the marker features a side folding stock so you can shoulder the marker with it out, fold it in for close quarters action or just make it easier to cram in your paintball gear bag.

BT G36

The BT-4 Slice G36 Elite takes the base model and then cranks up the volume. Up front the G36 Elite sports the most popular Empire paintball barrel ever, the BT Apex2. If you’re not familiar with the Apex, this barrel has an adjustable rubber ramp in the silencer-looking tip that let’s you adjust backspin on the paintball. This backspin gives the ball ‘lift’ and makes it shoot farther with a flatter trajectory. Now you can reach out and touch someone at the far end of the field or shoot under low tree branches when normally you have to aim too high to drop the shot in. The tip also rotates so with practice you can pull off crazy hook shots and curve balls. A BT Slice E-Grip has a double finger trigger and mouse-click trigger pull to let you shoot crazy fast in Semi, Burst and Full Auto modes so you can outshoot your opponent when you need to lay down the paint. Of course, the proven BT Rip Clip hopperhelps keep the paint flowing to the gun. The Rip Clip mounts to the side of the marker so you still have a clear view over the top and is sound activated so your paint is being force fed with each shot.

BT G36 EliteBT G36 Elite

Also receiving a facelift this year is TM-15 paintball marker series. The Empire BT TM-15 Limited Edition, which is shorter than the standard TM15 with an Apex 2 Paintball Barrel and foregrip, will be available in all black for that classic look, or as the TM-15 LE Terrapat camo or TM-15 LE E-TACS camo to match your BT THT paintball jerseysand BT THT paintball pants.

Terrapat Camo BT TM15 LEE-TACS Camo TM15 LEBlack TM15 LE

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