Ricochet Apache LCD

This revolutionary new paintball hopper is the future of the game. The Ricochet is deflection engineered. This special design promotes the infamous "Ricochets" off of the hopper, leaving the player in the game.

A bend sensor in the feedneck, a unique Ricochet feature, signals the loader’s electronics as to when a ball has fed and the agitator must be spun. On the rear of the loader, the Apache features an LCD control panel with a built in game timer. Ricochet development expects the production model Apache to feed at speeds of up to 20 balls per second. While factory rated to 190 paintballs, the prototype held 180 without pressure on the paint. In testing, the prototype emptied itself very efficiently in 10.0 seconds of its entire capacity yielding an emptying rate of 18 balls per second. This should not, however be confused with an on gun performance rate where the flow of paintballs has more of a start and stop nature.

Available in Black, Blue, Clear & Red.

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