Premium Paintballs from Nelson

The late 1970's was back when the game of paintball began, when a gas-operated gun and marking pellets were developed by the Nelson Paint Company. The pellets and guns were used to leave a semi-permanent mark on objects from a distance, such as trees that were to be removed. Nelson has bee around since the beginning and their line of paintballs are a proven fact why. Nelson's Anarchy paintballs are the most superb straight shooting paintballs on the paintball market. This paint has a very thick consistency that stops opponents from successfully wiping away hits, stopping cheaters in their tracks. It also comes in a variety of color choices such as Chaos, Fury, Mayhem, and Upheaval. Also the NEW Special Forces Ranger paintballs are specially designed with the Special Forces training in mind and a green fill that is super visible.

From the company that's been there from the beginning, Nelson's paintballs are masterly developed to handle all types of weather and paintball playing styles. You simply cannot go wrong with this choice!!

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