Photochromatic Lenses for V-Force Goggles Are H

Photochromatic Lenses for V-Force Goggles Are Here!

While I own several sets of goggle systems, the ones I wear the most are V-Force. They have some real comfy foam and the field of view and lack of distortion is amazing. The 10 second lens change ability is helpful not just for cleaning but for switching between clear and smoke lenses. I’m one of those people that hates glaring sun in my eyes, but I want clear vision when conditions are dim. If the weather throughout a day of paintball goes sunny to overcast to back again I’m running back and forth switching lenses.

V-Force has released the Photochromatic Lens to fit their popular Profiler, Shield and Morph goggles. At $32.95… less than the cost of buying a clear and smoke lens… these lenses will automatically darken or lighten to existing light conditions during play. Playing indoors? The lenses lighten up to clear. Playing outdoors? They darken to varying degrees of light, so if the sunshine comes out from the clouds or you head into the shady trees you always have the right amount of tint for optimal vision and comfort.

Available in Blue, Brown or Grey tints and highly recommended!

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