Planet Eclipse Gtek 170R

The All new Planet Eclipse Gtek 170R is here! If you want to be slinging paint with the best of them and not break the bank, then you need to order your gun today. Equipped with state of the art Planet Eclipse technology, the Gtek 170R is one of the best choices on the market.

The Gtek 170R features the iconic Gamma Core drivetrain. This gun is quiet, smooth and efficient. The Gamma Core allows players to shoot the most brittle paint in all conditions, which means you’ll never have to stay at home due to the weather. One of the primary focuses for the Gtek 170R paintball marker was for it to be reliable and simple to use/maintain and Planet Eclipse has achieved this. By moving all the critical components inside the frame, Planet Eclipse has been able to simplify the design which means disassembling is quicker and easier. Some additional new features include tool-less access to eye covers, detents, the batter and bolt.

Taking the original Gtek and making it easier to maintain was not the only goal of Planet Eclipse. Some other features include an OLED Display with shot counter, game timer, rate of fire indicator and more! A low-rise clamping feed neck keeps your hopper secure. A two-piece 14.5” Shaft 5 barrel sits up front of the gun and provides pin point accuracy. The Shaft 5 barrel is Shaft 4/5 compatible and additional barrel backs can be purchased separately.

The Planet Eclipse Gtek 170R has it all. The Gtek 170R runs at a ridiculously low operating pressure of just 135psi providing a smooth shot with every trigger pull. Let the Gtek 170R rip in uncapped semi and stay on target no matter what rate of fire you achieve.

A completely hose-less design accentuates the sleek lines found on the Gtek 170R and makes this gun a joy to handle. Swapping from left to right is fast and without any obstruction.

The Gtek 170R is a serious competitor even against the most high end paintball guns and comes in at just under $800.

Pre-Order your Gtek 170R paintball marker today from Paintball-Online!