WGP Worr Machine RG Mechanical Paintball Marker

The WGP Worr Machine RG Paintball Marker is ready to get you on the field without breaking the bank! RG stands for ReGulated, as the Worr Machine RG features an inline regulator for consistent pressure and easy velocity adjustment. The Worr Machine RG packs a lot of features into a small compact package. A top cocking bolt and rear push pin means the Worr Machine can be field stripped without tools. Its mechanical operation mens no batteries to worry about charging or dying on the field and makes for easy and minimal maintenance. The lightweight composite gripframe houses a metal two finger trigger and a 90 degree grip for a more ergonomic firing position. Vertical feed allows for ambidextrous use and a no-nonsense mechanical safety prevents accidental discharge. Whether you're looking for a first marker or backup, the WGP Worr Machine RG will get you on the field and putting paintballs onto your opponents!


  • - Mechanical operation requires no batteries
  • - Inline regulator for consistent operating pressure
  • - Tool free field stripping
  • - Top cocking bolt
  • - Aluminum body
  • - Composite 90 degree gripframe
  • - Rubber grips
  • - Autococker barrel threads
  • - Anti double feed ball detent
  • - Threaded aluminum vertical feed
  • - Stainless steel braided airline

    Note... the Worr Machine RG Paintball Marker uses Autococker barrel threads

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