GI Sportz

Draxxus' Successor Producing Graded Paintballs

GI Sportz makes it easy for your decisions on which case of paintballs to purchase. They have graded their paint by an easy to follow system of stars. If you are looking for amazing practice level paint then GI Sportz 1 Star paintballs will be an amazing quality of paint at low cost and even a great selection to put into rental guns for those running paintball fields. A day of scrimmages may require a higher grade of paint, GI Sportz 3 Star paintballs are engineered to handle that competitive edge with a more brittle shell that works great on those serious scrimmaging days. Then you could be the tournament player looking for the grade that is beyond consistent and a top notch standards. The paintballs you are in search for is GI Sportz 5 Star paintballs; it is their most brittle, pin point shooting, and thick-filled paint that will not let you down. The 5 Star also has a dark shell making it more difficult for your opponent to see coming at them, making it much easier to make eliminations off the break or from a long distance.

Watch the video and see how GI Sportz masterly crafts their paintballs!!