GOG Paintball Guns

It's time to go Gogg'n with a well-designed Gog Marker

GOG paintball guns, formerly known as Smart Parts paintball guns, are the next generation of proven designs in paintball. GOG paintball markers deliver high performance, smooth operation and easy maintenance at prices the competition can't touch. A GOG marker in your hands levels the playing field, letting you take on your opponents without feeling outgunned. And with a host of sleek designs at competitive entry-level prices, it's hard to beat a GOG gun.

The GOG eNMEy is an awesome choice for your first beginner paintball gun. It is easy to clean, simple to use and shoots smooth for great accuracy. The GOG eNVy is the next step up, featuring an electronic trigger for a faster rate of fire. The GOG eXTCy is the modern incarnation of the legendary Smart Parts Ion. The eXTCy's spool-valve design has a punishing high rate of fire with minimal paintball breakage thanks to its anti-chop eyes and low pressure operation. If milsim is more your game then check out the GOG G-1. The G-1 has a tactical body with rails for accessories, a collapsible stock and feed system thatcan be switched left, right or center! Get a GOG paintball gun and start winning!