Proto Maxxed Rize Paintball Guns

Feast your eyes on the new Proto Maxxed Rize paintball gun! Yet another addition to the 2016 Proto family, this gun is soon to be a favorite amongst all paintball players. The Proto Maxxed Rize is basically the older, more refined, brother of the Proto Rize. That being said, let us tell you why the Maxxed Rize is worth the extra $75. Just like the little brother, the Proto Rize, the Proto Maxxed Rize will come with all the same standard features that every paintball player needs. We are talking about the M2 series eye pipe, anti-chop eyes, patented spool technology and LED marker board with 4 tourney modes plus additional rate of fire adjustments. The Proto Maxxed Rize will also have the crowd pleasing 3-D body milling and Hyper 3 regulator. Additionally, the Maxxed Rize has the always comfortable Ultra Lite 45 frame all wrapped up in the most sought after grips on the market - Dye sticky grips. On top of that, you will receive the improved and revised solenoid that now allows a very low 140PSI operating pressure for some of the best performance you will see in the Proto bloodline. Now, for the good stuff… At a quick glance you will definitely see some important visible differences. First and foremost, and probably the 3 major upgrades the Proto Maxxed Rize includes are, the color matched Proto 2 piece 14” barrel system, easy to use On/Off airport ASA and the all metal lever lock feed neck. These features alone would make any player drool. But, for a starting price of $324.95, these features are an absolute steal! Don’t get left behind at your local field! Check out the Proto Maxxed Rail today and see for yourself why Proto continues to be a leading name in the paintball community.

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