Phantom Stock Class Pump Paintball Gun - 45 Gri

Legends are never forgotten, classics never die...

The CCI Phantom Pump Paintball Marker 45 Grip VSC has been in production for over 20 years for one simple reason. It is one of the greatest marker designs of all time ! Lightweight, simple yet rugged design and notorious accuracy are its hallmarks. Pump paintball play has seen a resurgence that is here to stay. Some pump players are veterans returning to their roots. Many like the challenge of limited firepower, preferring to make their shots count and being the underdog. Others play pump for the economy of being able to play more often by shooting less paint. When you need to pump the marker to cock and load each shot your paint money goes a lot farther. Whatever your reason for playing pump, there is a Phantom to fit your needs !

Stock Class emulates the original paintball marker action. Powered by 12 gram CO2 cartidges, the magazine holds 10 rounds and is horizontal to the barrel. The marker must be titled as it is pumped to charge the marker and chamber each ball, otherwise known as "rock 'n' cock". Many consider Stock Class to be the purest form of paintball, much like fly fishing is to angling. It is also the most economical and rewarding.

  • Features
  • VSC means Vertical Stock Class. The 12gr changer is mounted vertically to keep liquid CO2 in the cartridge. Its position forward of the triggerguard allows for quick and natural cartridge changes under fire.
  • 11 Inch Roller Burnished Barrel. End ported and fluted.
  • .45 frame accepts a wide variety of aftermarket grips
  • Wrap-around pump
  • 10 round feedtube with one-way loading gate. Simply stick a ten round tube in the back and pour paintballs in to reload.
  • Simple and easy to maintain design. Marker disassembles/ reassembles by two thumbscrews featuring friction o-rings to lock in place.
  • Easy velocity adjustment built into the bolt. Includes velocity adjuster for access without removing the barrel.
  • Autotrigger (slamfire). For increased rate of fire, just hold back the trigger and the marker will fire as fast as the pump is returned to the forward position.
  • 3/8" dovetail sightrail
  • Positive mechanical safety
  • Wraparound Hogue grips
  • Operates on CO2 or compressed air (HPA). Included is a CCI 12 Gram Quick Changer, a high quality stock class-legal changer that only requires 1 1/2 turns to change
  • Amazing gas efficiency, 40-55 shots per 12gr cartridge
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