BT Paintball Guns

Battle Tested Paintball Markers are built for the heaviest paintball combat!

If you're looking for a solidly built beginner paintball gun that is easy to take care of then check out the BT-4 Slice. This marker has a hinged body to make maintenance quick and simple, with plenty of room for upgrades. There are several enhanced versions of this marker, including the G36, designed to look like the Heckler & Koch battle rifle used by the modern German Army. The BT Omega is essentially a Slice designed to look like an M16, and comes at a price point perfect for beginners.

The Delta series' look is based around the HK MP5, for those looking for a paintball gun with that realistic feel. The TM series are high performance powerhouses of the lineup. Utilizing the same proven engine of the Empire Mini, the TM series are blazing fast, quiet and built to dominate. Of course, if you're more of the sneaky one shot/ one kill type then the Trracer pump gun is right up your alley. This reliable pump marker is the perfect base to build the paintball sniper rifle of your dreams.

How BT Paintball got started

BT actually has its roots with Tippmann. Dennis Tippmann Sr, owner of Tippmann made a fateful decision back in 2004. He negotiated a deal with Summit Partners to recapitalize the company. This effectively transferred control of the company to Summit, but it allowed for both Dennis Tippman Sr and Dennis Tippmann Jr to remain on the company’s Board of Directors.

However, there was one family member who was not so keen on this move. Ben Tippmann, Dennis Tippmann Sr's nephew, who was the actual designer of the legendary 98 Custom and A5, decided he was not going to be a part of this transfer of power and decided to leave the company.

So, what did Ben do? He started BT paintball. At first, he simply formed the company under his own name – Ben Tippmann. However, Summit Partners believed this was a play on their intellectual property and sued Ben.

When the litigation dust settled, Ben agreed to change the name to BT, standing for Battle Tested. He was able to continue to use design elements from his previous gun creations so long as he did not sell any new guns under his own name. This was essentially how BT came to be.

BT is, depending upon who you ask, the top manufacturer in the woodsball niche. They have produced stellar guns and gear for the serious woodsball player from day one and continue to be on the cutting edge of product design and performance.

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