RAP-5 Rapier MP5 Paintball Marker f/RAM

The RAP5 or MP5A4 RAM is the latest Real Action Marker based on the HK MP5 Submachine Gun. The RAP5 has an active select switch (semi or full-auto), and ejects empty cases as they’re fired! The RAP5 can fire both .40 and 43 caliber paintball, 20 rounds magazine, with solid stock. The RAP5 is a full size replica! It is the latest RAM design with improved reliability and accuracy. The RAP5 is perfect for tactical training and incredible scenario paintball games

RAP5 Package includes:

  • RAP5 marker
  • Magazine
  • 45g CO2 cylinder
  • Permanently Glazed Orange Muzzle
  • .43 RAM package: 1 pack (40 rounds) of .43 paintballs w/ alloy cases
  • .40 RAM package: 100 .40 plastic cases
  • Cleaning kit, manual, and warranty

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