Stealth, cunning and strategy… that’s what woodsball paintball is all about. Played in the woods, swamps and hills, two or more teams battle it out by maneuver and skill. This style requires stamina, field craft, alert senses, and the ability to use terrain to your advantage.

Woodsball players require equipment that can stand up to the abuse of the elements and perform after being dragged through mud, rocks and water. Since woodsballers are often on the field for hours at a time they need the ability to store plenty of extra ammo, spare equipment, snacks and vital water for when they need it. Because of this need tactical vests that have pouches, loops and clips for various equipment are very popular. The Assault player is the one running in to take a position so they typically travel light with a few pods. The Support player are the walking tanks of the field, requiring huge air tanks and ten or more pods of paintballs to hammer on an opponent’s position.

Paintball Online offers a huge variety of equipment for the recreational woodsballer to the milsim (Military Simulation) player. We are an authorized dealer of woodsball markers, harnesses and tactical vests, playing apparel and accessories from top woodsball brands as Tippmann Paintball, BT Paintball, RAP4 Paintball, LAPCO Paintball, and Inspire Paintball.