Tippmann A5 Sniper Upgrade Kit

Prepare to rule the field when you upgrade your A5 with our Sniper Upgrade Kit. Comes with everything shown to add style and performance to your trusty Tippmann marker, and saves you a few bucks too!

Sniper Upgrade Kit includes:

  • Smart Parts 20" Tactical Barrel - one of the most accurate and quiet shooting barrels for the money! Long length lets you slide the barrel tip through brush and cover for those sneaky hidden sniper shots. Flash hider milling and microhoned inner bore for great looks and performance.
  • Tapco 6 Position Collapsible Stock - for keeping steady aim.
  • CORE Deadbox Red Dot Sight - provides a bright red dot for positive aim on target. Fits 3/8" and 7/8" rails.
  • Offset Sight Rail - puts your Deadbox Sight off to the left for loader clearance.
  • CORE Sling - lets you shoulder your Tippmann to take the weight off your arms for those long hikes to the other end of the field and to free your hands up for other tasks.
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