Bob Long Protege Gen 5 Intimidator Paintball Ma

Meet the Protégé

The Bob Long Protégé is our entry level Generation 5 Intimidator. We intend for the Protégé to lead a new global standard for marker performance in its price range. Our Gen 5 Protégé has widened eyes and rocked paintball fields around the world since its recent inception. Expect classic Bob Long styling along with a more simplistic maintenance regiment than ever before. Pick up a Protégé for a back up marker and you just might one find it your daily driver.

How it Works

The Protégé firing sequence begins when the trigger is pulled activating the micro switch. If the break-beam infrared eye system senses that a paintball is properly staged in the breech, the motherboard energizes the solenoid coil opening its valve. This volume of air travels through a passage where it terminates against the back face of the ram. The ram is accelerated forward by said volume of air pulling the bolt which pushes the staged paintball into firing position. Once the staged paintball is in firing position the ram continues forward even further engaging the poppet shaft. The poppet valve is forced open. A blast of air rushes from the primary air chamber through the poppet valve housing. This air blast is then redirected through the bolt toward the paintball accelerating the ball to 300 FPS in less than 6 inches of barrel length. During this process the solenoid coil has already been de-energized redirecting a volume of air through another passage where it terminates against the front face of the ram. Finally this volume of air accelerates the ram backward allowing the poppet valve to close while withdrawing the bolt. Now the on-deck paintball will fall into the staged position and the firing sequence may begin again.

What’s New and Innovative?

No more front mounting block for the Generation 5 Intimidators. The inline regulator receptacle has been combined with the grip frame to further simplify this new platform. To keep the marker compact we have incorporated the primary air chamber into the forward grip frame region to create the correct volume needed. The Gen 5 grip frame has shed its clamshell roots to favor a thinner, lighter, less complex design the width of a common 9 volt battery. We capped off our grip frame overhaul with Marq Series compatible motherboard and grip panel mounting points. Gone away is the autonomous solenoid where transfer hoses must be cautiously routed to ensure proper function. Gen 5 solenoids are now ridged mounted sporting a manifold configuration for ease of maintenance coupled with enhanced flow characteristics. The Bob Long Protégé has a redesigned ram sleeve which doubles as a ridged stop and aids in controlling poppet valve open time. Our new slimmer LPR features a new thread less mounting design which more aesthetically completes the front end of our Gen 5 models. Each Protégé is equipped with a simple collet style clamping feed neck for quick tool less hopper swaps. Not only is the Protégé 4C eye compatible, but the original finger style ball detents have been nixed in favor of the new Marq inspired spring driven linear travel design.


  • Classification: Generation 5 Intimidator
  • Configuration: Electro-pneumatic. Open bolt. Stack tube poppet valve
  • Barrel Thread Type: Autococker
  • Barrel: Bob Long 12” One-piece Assassin
  • Included ASA: Xpress Mount Standard
  • Intended Propellant: Compressed air or nitrogen only!
  • Intended Propulsion Speed: 230-300FPS (feet per second)
  • Inline Regulator Pressure: 210-230psi
  • LPR Pressure: 65-75psi
  • Estimated Shot Count: 2000+ shots (factory settings using 68ci 4500psi air source)
  • Motherboard: Frenzy 3.0
  • 4C Eye Compatible: Yes
  • 4C Eye Equipped: No
  • Estimated Rate of Fire: 26+BPS (4C eye upgrade with board set in ramping mode)
  • Trigger Activation: Micro switch
  • Trigger Return: Spring assist
  • Trigger Adjustment: Pre-travel. Post-travel
  • Weight Without Barrel: 2 lb. 3.1oz
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