Smart Parts Vision Impulse

The Vision Impulse is outfitted with a brand new circuit board that will have you ripping up the field. The new board allows you to easily control the Vision Eye using a simple push button that is mounted on the rear of the marker. A small blue LED embedded next to the on/off button will blink one time per second when the eye is turned off and when the eye is turned on it will blink a rapid five times a second. The Vision Eye not only turns the eye on or off but also sets rate of fire for the marker. When the eye is activated the Impulse shoots 20 balls per second!! If you decide to turn the eye off the rate of fire drops down to 13.7 balls per second. This reduction in rate of fire is meant to reduce ball breakage and misfires.

Another new feature is how you can tune the gun. On the outside of the body there are two adjustment buttons. The buttons control the dwell, or how long the valve remains open each time the marker is fired. The higher the dwell is set the longer the valve stays open, resulting in higher air flow to the hammer.

Smart Parts has really set the Vision Impulse apart from other markers of its kind. It comes fully decked out with a 12" Progressive barrel, Max Flow Regulator, and an adjustable trigger.

  • Because this is a discontinued marker we cannot accept any return or exchange.
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