Valken AIR 48 ci 3000 psi HPA Tank - Black

Valken AIR 48 ci 3000 psi HPA Tanks were designed with safety as a top priority. These tanks are new, with a fresh monthly manufacture date. Each and every cylinder meets or exceeds industry regulations for quality and they’re manufactured in facilities that have won awards for proactive safety practices and regulations.

Valken AIR 48 ci 3000 psi HPA Tank features:
  • - High quality 48 cubic inch aluminum cylinder
  • - 3000 PSI fill-pressure capacity with an 800 PSI output pressure
  • - 3000 psi regulator has excellent flow, efficiency, and a stable pressure output
  • - 5 year hydro date
  • - DOT / TC certified
  • - Nickel-plated brass bonnet provides the most durable, long lasting gas interface available
  • - High and low pressure burst disks for the highest level of safety
  • - Stainless steel fill nipple with included cover
  • - Meets or exceeds ASTM standards

    All CO2 and HPA tanks must be shipped empty as per DOT regulations. To learn more about the difference between CO2 and HPA tanks you can read our tutorial, Compressed Air vs. CO2 for Paintball.
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