CO2/N2 Tanks

We carry a full line of CO2 and Compressed Air tanks and accessories for paintball. We have every size of CO2 paintball tank to fit your needs. Choose from our 48ci 3000 psi compressed air paintball tanks to our popular Ninja Paintball tanks and Guerrilla Air tanks. These paintball tanks combine everything you've been looking for in a paintball air system and are put together in one ultra light package. Don't forget to help protect your paintball tank from those unwanted scrapes and dings with ourpaintball tank and bottle covers. Aside from your elbow or knee, your paintball tank is usually the one thing that hits the ground the hardest. 4500 pounds of pressure is a serious thing and taking care of your paintball tank is just as important.

Watch the video for tips on choosing a paintball tank.

What is the difference between CO2 and Compressed Air?
CO2 tanks are the original air source for paintball guns. CO2 tanks are filled with liquid CO2 and it is the pressure from this liquid turning to gas that powers the marker.CO2 paintball tanks are very inexpensive so they are popular with many players, especially beginners. Most paintball markers will get around 50 shots per ounce of liquid CO2. However, CO2 does have some drawbacks. CO2 pressure fluctuates with ambient temperature and how fast it is consumed. If you fire a long rapid string of shots your pressure will drop and the marker can freeze up. Your pressure starts to drop as your tank starts to get low. Liquid CO2 that gets siphoned into the marker is hard on the seals and many of today's markers cannot use CO2 at all without damaging the marker. Refer to your owner's manual or give us a call if you are not sure your paintball gun can use CO2.

The better option is HPA (High Pressure Air), also known as Compressed, N2 or Nitro systems. An HPA paintball tank is actually pressurized with compressed air instead of filled with a liquid. Paintball compressed air tanks typically are rated to 3000 psi and made of aluminum or 4500 psi and are carbon fiber or fiberglass wrapped. A paintball tank regulator on top of the bottle screws into your marker's ASA (Air Source Adapter) and regulates the pressure to your gun. A regulator's output is usually high pressure (800-850 psi) or low pressure (400-450 psi), depending on what you need for your marker. Aluminum 3k psi systems get an average of 10 shots per cubic inch (ci), so a 48ci 3000 psi HPA tank will shoot around 450-500 shots per fill. They are inexpensive but heavy. Fiber wrap 4.5k psi systems get an average of 15 shots per ci, so a 48ci 4500 psi system will shoot around 700-750 shots per fill. A 68ci 4500 psi compressed air tank will get approximately 1000-1050 shots.

Compressed air paintball tanks have several benefits. They are larger and bulkier than CO2 but deliver consistent pressure regardless of ambient temperature or how fast you shoot. This makes your marker function smoother and increases your shot to shot accuracy. Since no freezing liquid is present it is a lot easier on the inner seals of your marker. HPA will work on all paintball guns. If your local field can fill air tanks then HPA is the better way to go.