US Army Paintball Gun Packages

Get into tactical paintball with a US ARMY paintball kits today!

Looking for an awesome scenario style paintball gun? We carry an assortment of US Army's paintball guns to fit your tactical playing needs. Our line of US Army paintball kits are organized by the role you want to play in combat.

Wanting to be a sniper? Then US Army Elite Sniper paintball gun was designed for you, featuring a real milsim feel with a folding bipod red-dot sight and a collapsible buttstock. For someone interesting in running and gunning while still sniping, then maybe this Sniper Package is for you.

Maybe sniping isn't your game. The Close Quarters kit is designed for people who see themselves as the type of player who would lead an urbant assualt. If you're interested in close quarters play for operations after dark, try the Night Ops pack.

Maybe you like your paintball scenarios a bit crazier. Imagine the Apocalypse is here and ZOMBIES have taken over!! The American military has your back with their US Army Zombie Defense paintball gun, tricked out with everything you need to head shot the dead. They'll wish they stayed six feet underground!

This many choices can make even a veteran woodsballer's head spin. See the chart below for a breakdown of all the US Army Paintball Package features.

US Army Packages Comparison Chart

With this many great guns it's hard to keep all of the excellent features apart. We break them down for you.

GunAccessoryRailStockBarrelMEGA Set
RiflemanNForegripFoldable14" TacticalN
Night OpsFlashlightForegripFoldableStockN
Close QuartersLaserForegripFoldableStockN
Designated RifleRed Dot SightForegripFoldable14" TacticalN
SniperRed Dot SightNFoldable20" Tactical SniperN
Sniper EliteRed Dot SightBipodFoldable20" Tactical SniperN
Zombie DefenseRed Dot Sight, Flashlight, LaserForegripFoldableStockN
Alpha Black MEGA SetCarry HandleNFoldableStockMEGA
Salvo MEGA SetNNFoldableStockMEGA
Salvo MEGA DeluxeNNFoldableStockDeluxe

Not finding exactly what you want? You can see all of our US Army paintball guns or call our experts at 805-915-4280.