DYE NT Painttball Gun Black / Gold

Dye NT11 Paintball Gun Collector's Edition Black / GoldThe Dye NT11 is not only the most air efficient and accurate paintball gun Dye has ever produced, it is also the lightest and most compact in its category. Continuing with Dye’s famous patented spool valve design, the new NT Boost Bolt design is the ultimate refinement of next generation spool valve technology.

-The Boost Bolt system is supported by a redesigned circuit board with faster processing providing more accurate ROF control.
-Comfort and stability is assured with the second-generation patented Ultralight grip frame design, providing improved trigger adjustment, new retained push button system, and a redesigned battery mounting system. This grip frame combination is easily accessed through a new first for the industry, full wrap-around, tool-less sticky grip design.
-Mounted to the bottom of the UL frame is the new UL airport that operates with a simple easy turn, low profile knob that allows forward placement for maximum comfort.

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