Empire Battle Tested BT-4 Ironhorse Paintball G

The BT Ironhorse Paintball Gun is ready to take down your opponents!

Built to take abuse and dish it out at the same time, the Empire Battle Tested BT-4 Ironhorse Paintball Gun is ready for woodsball combat. The BT Ironhorse delivers an intimidating look with opponent-crushing performance. The heart of the Ironhorse is the classic BT-4 combat paintball gun, a solid and reliable blowback design that soldiers on through mud, dirt and rain. Up at the business end is a BT M16 Apex Barrel. This barrel features a ribbed handguard for a realistic look with an adjustable Apex barrel for superior range and trajectory. A handguard-mounted bipod steady your aim whether you are taking aimed paintball sniper rifle shots or laying down a barrage of covering fire. Its spring-loaded legs fold out of the way when changing positions yet pop out in an instant when deployed. A collapsible stock quickly adjusts to a proper fit while the raised rear sight on the removable carry handle allows for comfortable mask clearance while aiming. A vertical foregip lets you comfortably control the marker during all the intense action.

The Empire Battle Tested BT-4 Ironhorse... built for paintball battle!

Empire Battle Tested BT-4 Ironhorse Paintball Marker features:
  • - .68 caliber
  • - Semi auto (upgradeable to electronic)
  • - Tough cast aluminum construction
  • - M16 Apex Barrel
  • - Retractable/ extendable bipod
  • - Raised front and rear sights for mask clearance
  • - M4-style removable carry handle
  • - Two finger trigger gives faster rate of fire
  • - Collapsible stock for perfect fit
  • - Slide away feedneck allows faster cleaning
  • - Dual picatinny mounting rails
  • - Vertical foregrip
  • - Uses CO2 or Compressed Air

    Empire BT M16 Apex Barrel features:
  • - Adjustable original Apex tip
  • - Puts backspin on paintball for dramatically increased range and flatter trajectory
  • - Rotates left or right for hook shots
  • - Ribbed M16-style handguards
  • - Raised front sight
  • - BT-4/ A5 barrel threads
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