Valken Paintball Guns

Valken Guns, Perfect for Woodsball or Speedball

Valken is one of the biggest and most trust names in paintball gear, and they have designed their own line of paintball guns. Whether you're interested in speedball or woodsball markers, Valken offers competitively-priced entry-level to middle tear guns.

Looking for a tournament paintball gun? Then Valken's Proton is what you're looking for. This marker boasts an internal air line, giving you a sleeker look and more maneuverability. It couples a high rate of fire with low recoil, so you can put more shots on target when they count.

If you fancy yourself more of a tactical paintball player, than the SW-1 has several options, depending on which kinds of accessories you want. The SW-1 is built to stand up to punishment in the field without breaking down, and is easy to maintain, making it a great marker for a beginning woodsball player. One of the best features of the SW-1 is that it has Picatinny rails, allowing you to install sights and other accessories later down the line. For a list of what comes in each of the different SW-1 packages, please see our chart below of SW-1 features.

SW-1 Comparison Chart

It can be tough to know which particular marker you want, with so many options. This chart lays them all out.

SW-1 Rifleman14" Milsim TacticalStockNN
SW-1 Sniper20" Milsim TacticalCollapsibleRed Dot45 Degree Offset

You can see all of our Valken marker kits in our Valken Paintball Gun Packages department.