Guerrilla Air

CO2 & HPA Tanks from Guerrilla Air

Guerrilla Air is a performance-driven company that delivers cutting edge compressed air systems to paintball players worldwide. Guerrilla Air HPA tanks are the lightest weight and most compact on the market thanks to the revolutionary Myth Reg design. The GA Myth Regulator redefined how small a tank regulator can be, only adding 3/4" to the total length of your tank when screwed into the ASA! The Guerrilla Air G3 Regulator is the latest generation of the Myth, giving the player quick and easy adjustment of tank placement and pressure adjustment.

Guerrilla Air HPA tanks are available in 3000 psi aluminum and 4500 psi carbon fiber systems. These tanks are an excellent upgrade from using CO2. The 13 ci 3000 psi tank is popular with pump players who don't shoot very much while the 100 ci 4500 psi tank is incredibly popular with scenario players who shoot A LOT! The 68/4500 is by far the best seller for a good all around tank size. In addition to air systems, Guerrilla Air offers the Cobra Coil Remote Line. This high quality paintball remote hose features a fast and easy push button disconnect that degasses your marker instantly without blowing O-rings!