Empire Protective Gear

Pads and Slide Shorts from Empire

Empire knows that players have to run at full speed taking risky dives and slides to make it to the bunker without being eliminated. Empire's masterly crafted protective gear is designed to protect players on those risky slides and dives.

Empire's THT Grind Knee Pads are designed for ultimate protection for your knees. They have a memory foam core, pre-curved designed for maximum range of motion and comfort, terry clothing lining that eliminates chafing, and velcro straps that help secure the kneed pads in place. Shorts specially designed for wearing under your paintball pants, the THT Grind Slide Shorts use a stretch mesh ventilated base and foam padding to absorb the impact when your body meets the ground. Helping to protect you during your slides or crawls on rough terrain and protects you from those below the belt shots nobody wants to experience. Don't forget about your elbows! With THT Grind Elbow Pads keep your forearms and elbows protected and in one piece from those hard dives and slides. The elbow pads have adjustable bicep and wrist straps plus compression mesh for a truly custom fit and a memory foam padding within EVA foam padding for ultimate comfort and protection.

It's always important to protect yourself while playing paintball, purchase Empire's toughest protection they make today!