Autococker Paintball Gun Upgrades

We have a wide selection of Autococker barrels, pumps, bolts, and more.

Autocockers are some of the oldest, most respected markers on the market. With their dwindling dominance, they can be harder and harder to find parts for. But we've got a wide selection of Autococker replacement parts and upgrades.

See below for more for a description of our Autococker parts.

Types of Autococker Upgrades

Autococker drop forwards drop the tank below and under the marker, allowing for the marker to be held in closer to the player's body, so you can get closer to your cover.

A Low Pressure Regulator (LPR) adapter allows you to attach the LPR of your choice to the Autococker.

A breech sizer allows you to use barrels that don't have Autococker threads, but instead sub in one of the other popular barrel thread types.

We also carry different kinds of ASA adapters designed to change the direction of the input into your Autococker, so you can more comfortably attach your tank to your marker.

And we carry a wide variety of replacement parts like pump rods, timing rods, ball detents, front block bolts, screws, or valve guide jam nuts.