Tiberius Arms

Premium Paint Projectiles from Tiberius Arms

Tiberius Arms is an industry dominating manufacturer of paintball sniper rifles, magazine fed paintball markers, paintball pistols, and innovators of the fin stabilized First Strike paintball round. Proudly designed and made in USA!

The evolutionary paintballs masterfully engineered by Tiberius Arms are a new style of paintballs that can turn any pb player into a sniper no one will ever see coming. The line of Tiberius Arms First Strike Projectiles have an aerodynamic shape that have a self rifling fin stabilizer to extend the range and enhance the accuracy of each shot. You will experience 50% greater range and tighter groupings downrange than what you can from standard paintballs. These paintballs also have an ULTRA-THICK fill to them so your enemies cannot simply wipe off their hit so easily.

Become a true sniper today with Tiberius Arms Paintballs!!