Motorized Loaders and Gravity Feed Hoppers from Empire Battle Tested

BT designs gear that is truly battle tested for the paintball field and won't let you down. BT's Rip Clip electronic paintball hopper is specially designed to fit every Battle Tested paintball marker. You can link the Rip Clip to your Empire TM-7 or TM-15 paintball marker via RF for lightning fast activation. Grab your Empire BT Rip Clip Loader. The large capacity shell holds over 200 paintballs, plenty to light up the enemy. The Rip Clip will feed over 8000 shots before needing a battery replacement and uses the patented Halo Technology for force feeding paintballs. Wanting to get rid of that feedneck that requires an allen wrench to attach or remove your loader? The BT Clamping Feedneck kit is designed to let you remove or attach your hopper with no necessary tools, it also fit on Tippmann 98s!