Kohn Sports Headband - Karate Kid

Kohn Sports Headband - Karate Kid features a vivid print of classic Japanese design

The Kohn Sports Karate Kid Headband is so awesome even Mr. Miayagi would approve. Prepare to Wax On/ Wax Off your opponents! Available in Black or White, depending on whether you want to be Miyagi Do or Cobra Kai.

Kohn Sports Headbands represent the highest form of paintball fashion. Kohn's dye sublimation process produces graphics of unequal color and clarity in the paintball industry. The headband is built in three layers. First is the base material made of durable poly blend fabric. Second layer in the middle is an absorbent fill to 'sponge' up sweat, protect the forehead from stinging hits and to encourage bounce. The third layer is a soft hypo-allergenic fabric for comfort against your skin and won't chafe with the top of your goggles over it. Long ends taper to a narrow point for an easy tie on the back of the head with a huge lump of a knot. Do you want the best made, best designed and most artful headband in paintball? Choose Kohn Sports!

Kohn Sports Headband features:
  • - All over dye sublimation
  • - Vivid full color graphics
  • - Three layer design for style, sweat absorption and comfort
  • - Long narrow tapered ends for an easy and comfortable tie

    *NOTE: Despite the sheer awesomeness of this headband, busting into the Crane Stance during a game will still get you shot.
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