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How To Choose A Paintball Harness
The most basic way to carry equipment on the field is a paintball belt pouch. These attach to your belt and carry 2-3 pods, your air tank, or both depending on the model. They are a cheap paintball harness for carrying the basics, are lightweight and comfortable.

A harness, also known as a paintball pack, fits around your waist. They typically come in two styles: horizontal and vertical. A horizontal carries your pods as such and typically secure around your waist with a strap and buckle. Many horizontal packs have a pouch for an air tank. If they have a tank pouch it is called "+1", so a 4+1 harness or 6+1 harness carries 4-6 pods plus an air tank. Horizontal packs are great for woodsball because it's easy to slide pods back in after using them. The downside is horizontals tend to be wide on the body for a bigger target and you can't roll out of the away in one.

A vertical harness holds the pods straight up and down. Verticals often have extra loops to carry more pods between the pouches and on the ends; if it does then it will say something such as "3+2" (3 pods in pouches, plus 2 in loops between) or "3+2+2" (3 in pouches, 2 in loops between and 2 in loops on ends). Most vertical harness also have a wide elastic waistband that holds the harness snug and secure while also giving some back support. Since the pods are vertical on your back they are less of a target and you're more mobile. On speedball fields you generally just drop the pod and pick it up later, but in the woods a vertical pack is harder to slide empties back into.

Paintball tactical vests are popular for scenario/ big games and for those long woodsball games where you will be trekking away from the staging area for long periods of time. Based off of police and military designs, a paintball vest distributes the weight of your gear for all-day comfort. A good paintball vest will have pouches and pockets for your pods, air tank, radio or cel phone, paint grenades, ID and personal items, hydration bladder, etc.

What is a MOLLE vest?
MOLLE is short for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. It is what many current military vests use. A paintball MOLLE vest has a series of web loops sewn onto the outside. The backs of various tactical pouches have MOLLE straps that thread into the loops and velcro or snap into place. A MOLLE tactical vest lets you position whatever pouches you need for your particular style of play and let you customize your vest on the spot. These types of vests are very popular with woodsball players as it lets you configure your loadout based on needs throughout the day. See our selection of <a href="/MOLLE-Paintball-Gear-0Y.aspx">MOLLE gear</a>.