Dye DM14 vs. Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5 – Who

planet eclipse geo 3.5 vs the dye dm14

Dye DM14 vs. Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5 – Who Wins?

Here’s a quick breakdown of two tournament-grade paintball markers engineered to rain colorful death on your opponents and to take your game to the next level.

Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5 – Perfect Front Player Marker?

Planet Eclipse has been on a roll with their markers over the past several years and this Geo 3.5 is no exception. This is a compact and light marker and in the hands it feels like I’m only holding the grips. The 3.5 is powered by the IVCore bolt. This tool-less bolt provides for a smooth, soft shot which means you can actually shoot all that high quality, brittle tournament paint without looking like you’re operating a flame thrower – so much paint is getting chopped up.

According to Planet Eclipse the IVCore bolt was even engineered to have a “reduced sound signature,” which explains why on the field it gave the impression of more of a “hiss” sound when shot and not so much of a “pop.”

While the gun itself is light and comfortable, there’s a sense of fragility with it. There’s no macro line but there is a gas tube running from the trigger guard to the reg. My hand position felt off with that tube there and the reg seemed to pivot. The grips were more bulky than that of the DM14. Ergonomic, yes, but the DM destroys the Geo with its Ultralite frame. However, the DM doesn’t feature an LCD board while the Geo does. Adjust your settings by watching a screen, not flashing lights. The trigger felt sloppy, loose and oddly shaped (Dye’s was no better as it was too stiff and oddly shaped as well).

Overall this is a perfect front player marker as it’s exceptionally compact. Wreak havoc in the snake or at the 50! You can pull this gun in close and really maneuver and flick it around. One handed run and gun? Not a problem! I found it to not have as stable of a shooting platform as the DM14 but the lightness and compactness of the marker made up for that.

Dye DM14 – Destroyer of Worlds?!

Upon wielding the black and grey Dye DM14 I couldn’t help but think of professor J. Robert Oppenheimer’s comments while reflecting on the creation of the atom bomb after WWII, “Now I am become death; the destroyer of worlds.” The Dye DM 14 looks aggressive and feels aggressive in the hands. It’s sleek and beefy; it’s like John Travolta injected an adrenaline shot into the heart of a DLX Luxe and this DM was the result: it’s elegant without being dainty or fragile.

At the heart of the DM14 lies a slightly longer bolt than previous models in the Matrix line. This gives the DM a smoother shot with reduced kick. The one-piece Fuse bolt system does require a bit more TLC than its Planet Eclipse counterpart. PBNation posts read of leaks due to a lack of keeping o-rings hydrated. O-ring care is the suggested method to resolve most leak issues via the manual as well as DM owners on the Nation. And if you do need to replace an o-ring but you’re unsure as to what o-ring goes where, never fear, Dye has color coordinated all their o-rings! Just reference your physical or digital manual.

Players looking for that “broken in,” smooth feel of a shot, Dye released the Billy Wing bolt for the ’14 as an upgrade. Unfortunately it doesn’t come stock with the marker. This hand polished bolt will give the DM14 a smooth, kick-reduced shot all while allowing for a lower LPR pressure.

Let’s talk shooting platform. This gun is considerably longer and heavier than the Geo 3, yet that doesn’t make it a weakness. This gun feels like an extension of my arm when aiming down rage. I can freely flick the gun back and forth between hands while the gun stays extremely on-point and balanced. Oh, that dude at left Dorito just bumped to a can? No problem! Flicking the gun toward him feels natural, effortless.

The stretched out design of the DM14 feels more stable and I find that I have more control of my marker and shots, like I’m adjusting my shooting only by pivoting the tank against my shoulder. The Geo left me feeling as though I was moving/pushing the whole gun to readjust for shots. Adding to the natural feel of the DM is the hourglass-shaped Ultralite trigger frame. It feels slightly bigger in the hand than previous models of DM’s or Proto Reflex Rails, likely due to the gas thru feature on the marker. Overall I was more comfortable with the DM in my hand than the Geo.

Sum it Up

Each of these tournament-grade markers impress in their own ways. Both have killer looks, smooth, consistent shots, run on low operating pressures and each can achieve about nine to ten pods off a 68/45 tank; more with fine tuning. Both come with all the essential tools, spare parts and lube in their cases. Weigh all your options though. If you want a staggeringly light, workhorse of a gun with minimal maintenance required, the Geo 3.5 is for you. If you don’t mind performing regular maintenance, a bit of heft, longer reach, but a consistent, solid shooting platform, pick up the DM14.

Either way I’m always down to scrimmage! See you on the field.

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