Tacamo Type 68 II Scenario Marker w/ Side Foldi

Get into milsim commando action with the Tacamo Type 68 II Scenario Paintball Marker!

Its time to go ELITE! The Tacamo Type 68 II Scenario Paintball Marker will have everyone at the woodsball field drooling. The Type 68 II utilizes several authentic parts from the Type 56 II assault rifle such as the side folding stock, polymer stock/ grips and polymer magazine. Run with the stock out for those steady shots or fold it in when its time for some up close and personal dirty work!

When you put the Tacamo Type 68 II paintball gun to your shoulder the solid feel and weight sets it apart from all other milsim markers. The offset vertical feed lets you sight down over the top of the barrel for an unobstucted sight picture. The reliable blowback semi auto action will take whatever woodsball punishment you drag it through and still come out shooting!

Tacamo Type 68 II Scenario Paintball Marker features:

  • - Blowback semiauto action
  • - Side folding stock
  • - Real steel Type-56 rear sights
  • - Polymer stock and grips from real Type 56 II
  • - Quick strip stock and back block for fast field stripping and cleaning
  • - Removable authentic Type-56 polymer magazine
  • - Steel braided air line
  • - Screw on muzzle brake and removable barrel
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