New for the upcoming 2018 season is the Dye DSR paintball marker. Dye has a reputation for creating some of the best tournament winning paintball guns and the Dye DSR marker will be no different! We don't have any details about price, color options, or features at this time but we can tell you that the Dye DSR paintball marker will be a tournament ready gun right off the shelf!

Check back on September 13th for full details on the Dye DSR and to pre-order yours!

Dye has set the bar again with the introduction of their revolutionary new marker called the Dye DSR. The Dye DSR Paintball gun features a new platform that brings championship level performance in an all in one package.

Through years of research and development, Dye has perfected the spool-valve marker. Featuring an all new bolt system called the ARC, the Dye DSR is able to operate at an ultra-low operating pressure of just 115psi! Not only is the ARC bolt system incredibly smooth and quiet but it also features a tool-less bolt removal coupled with color coded O-rings through the entire bolt for ease of maintenance.

In addition to a newly designed bolt system, the Dye DSR also features the never before seen Dye Hyper 6 Regulator. The Hyper 6 regulator is the most consistent and efficient regulator ever made from Dye and helps to keep the DSR shooting at the same feet per second with every shot, no matter how many rounds per second are being fired.

The Dye DSR comes standard with a Core 14” two piece barrel to offer the best accuracy. Dye is known for making some of the most legendary barrels in the game and the Core 14” barrel is no different.

At the heart of the Dye DSR is the MOS. The MOS stands for Method Operating System and offers the user unrestricted access to tune their marker. The DSR allows you to adjust the setting on the gun to tune for the best possible performance. It is controlled by a Joystick and displays through a high contrast OLED screen that can easily be seen in high or low light conditions.