Speedball Paintball Markers

Tournament Paintball Guns for everyone from Beginner to Pro

Speedball, sometimes called tournament paintball, is a fast-paced version of paintball where opposing teams start roughly within firing distance of one another on different sides of an open field. The field is usually dotted with obstacles, often inflatable cloth bunkers that can be repositioned to change the layout and style of the game. Speedball isn't about stealth, it's about quickness, reflexes, and overall speed.

One important aspect of tournament paintball is restricting the opposition's movements by pinning them behind cover. Because of this, players fire far more shots in speedball. This is why most speedball markers are electropneumatic, and have a higher rate of fire than woodsball guns.

Basic Speedball Positions


Players who take the bunkers in the highly contested 'front,' essentially the territory immediately between opposing teams' starting positions. Front players tend to shoot out more players, but also go through the least amount of paint. They flank opponents pinned by mid and back players to get a clean shot at them.


Back players are assigned to the bunkers furthest from the center. They carry the most paint because their primary role is laying suppressing fire, to keep opposing players pinned down and unable to shoot.


The middle position can be the hardest, because it mixes elements of working the front and working the back. Mid-players will also fill in for eliminated players, either in front or in back.