Redz Pepper Stick Barrel Kit - Autococker Threa

Simply put, Redz has made the ultimate barrel system. We carefully blended science with artistic design to create the Pepper Stickz Barrelz, which are one of the quietest, lightest, and most accurate barrels made.

Eight Inch Backs – A longer back provides greater air efficiency, a straighter shot.

Diverse Choice – Redz Pepper Stickz kits come with four bore sizes: .687, .689, .691, and .693, for any paint size.

Choice of Tips - Two tips are available for 14” or 16” barrels.

Unmatched Style – Now a classic in the paintball industry, our chili milling makes for an extremely quiet shot and killer looks.

Precision Milled – A refined manufacturing process ensures that every .689 barrel has a true .689 bore. Plus, each tip and back line up to form a perfect ring seen when looking up the tip — a vital detail that other manufacturers tend to skip.

Perfect Polished Finish - A finely detailed polishing process guarantees you’ve got the smoothest barrels made.

Barrel Safe – Redz Pepper Stickz Barrelz are so unique that we decided to give them their own home: the Barrel Safe. With neoprene sleeves for your backs and tips, a soft Lycra® bed, a slot for a barrel swab, and an outer shell of molded EVA foam, the Barrel Safe keeps your barrels... well... safe. The Barrel Safe is included with all our 6-Piece Kitz.

The barrel backs are pre G7 Angel thread with an adapter to fit Tippmann A5 markers. They will not fit other A5 threaded markers such as the X7 or BT-4.

NOTE:These barrels only differ in thread so a single image is used for multiple barrel thread types. The threads pictured might differ from the threads of the actual barrel. Order according to product description instead of image.

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