Installing a 98 Custom Stock on a Army Carver O

The US Army Carver One paintball marker was designed to accept both the US Army type paintball stock or one of the many aftermarket stocks designed for the Tippmann 98 Custom marker. Many people prefer the 98 Custom stock for its strong design. Installing a 98 Custom stock on a Carver One marker requires assembly. This is the same procedure required for periodic maintenance of your Carver One marker as well.

You will need the Carver One marker, your stack and the allen wrenches supplied with your marker. Make sure the marker is COMPLETELY DEPRESSURISED by removing all paintballs and air sources and dry firing to ensure the marker is empty.

Remove the plastic caps off the cocking handle and stock plug. Remove the left side grip screws and loosen the bottomline ASA screw. Take off the left side grip panel.

Now remove the eight body screws (four in the muzzle/ foregrip area, two under the grip panel, one under the rear sight and one forward of the safety). Now gently loosen and lift away the left side of the body. The goal is to lift slowly so that the internal parts inside stay in place.

Take note of the layout of the internal parts. Notice the direction that the Ball Latch (circled in red) faces, because reinstalling backwards will cause the marker to not fire. The large black O-ring is there to prevent your barrel from being scratched when threading it in.

See the layout of the trigger group? Notice the black pin circled in red. That particular pin is hardened steel for strength because it is under stress from the sear. The sear spring ends circled in blue need to be seated at either end. The gray o-ring that is around the long main spring is supposed to be loose. It is simply a buffer so the rear bolt (striker) does not slam against the rear cap or stock.

Now gently lift the rear plug, leaving all other internals in place, and replace with your new stock. The spring guide and main spring go in the center hole. Wiggle the stock into the grooves of the body, ensure all internals are in place and replace the left body panel.

To prevent the stock from fitting too loose or wobbling, most manufacturers purposely oversize the grooves of a stock since the marker’s body and most stocks are cast materials subject to slight variation. Thus, most stocks are a very snug when first installed. If your stock is too tight you need to lightly sand the grooves down a bit with some medium grit sandpaper. Squeezing the stock end will ‘set’ your stock in place for a perfect fit.

Now replace all the body screws. One hint for tightening the body around the stock the first time is to insert the longer length body screw through the rear sight screw hole and tighten until closed, then remove and replace with the normal screw used in that location. Take care not to overtighten the upper body screw located under the grip panel, as the metal here is thinner than the rest of the body.

Replace the grip panel, tighten the screw through the bottomline ASA and you are done!

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