The Virtue Spire Hopper Is A Serious Contender!


The Virtue Spire Hopper Is A Serious Contender!

The other paintball loaders on the market finally have some serious competition. The Virtue Spire Paintball Loaderhit the scene last fall and has quickly become a cult favorite amongst those looking for a fast paintball hopper. The Virtue Spire brings a few new never-seen-before designs in the loader market that admittedly has been a bit stale the last couple of years. Not that there were no good loaders to be had, but nothing groundbreaking was coming out. The Spire loader is worth a look.


The Virtue Spire hopper gets its name from the unique internal layout that resembles a tower in the middle of the hopper. The motor and gearing is housed in a vertical configuration within the drive cone, sticking up through the paint instead of situated below. This lets the Spire sit incredibly low for a profile practically flat to the top of your marker. The drive cone pops off with just a little bit of finger pressure and snaps back into place just as easy. The base features shaped rubber fingers that push paintballs to the breech and keep them under slight pressure. If paint should start to jam the base is spring loaded to be pulled under the paintball and lift it up, clearing the obstruction before you even realize there was a problem. The rubber fingers ensure gentle contact with fragile paint. Virtue refers to the Spire as being G Force Activated, with a vibration sensor detecting vibration within the range of the marker being fired and thus activating with every shot.

The shells of the Spire hopper are made of glass-filled nylon which has plenty of ‘give’ so the loader is durable and does not shatter. It has a very intuitive design that lets you take the loader apart without tools in seconds. That means no searching for a screwdriver when you need to do a quick can switch between full lid and speed feed in seconds so you can swap lids depending on changing field conditions or rain. Operating on just three AA batteries, the Virtue Spire is definitely a lightweight.


I played at Supergame 45 in St. Paul, Oregon, with a Virtue Spire, trying it out on several markers including a Luxe and a Bob Long G6r. The Spire fed reliably all day long, even when it started getting hot (85 degrees F) and humid, causing paintballs to swell and begin to jam other loaders with their heat-softened shells. The Virtue paintball loader’s light weight and low profile minimized the impact of how it changes a marker’s handling. I don’t see any reason to use a different loader!

The Virtue Spire is available in the following colors schemes:

Flat Dark Earth, Olive Drab, Stealth Black, White, Black/ Blue, Black/ Lime, Black/ Purple, Black/ Orange, Black/ Pink, Black/ Red, Black/ Yellow, White/Blue, White/ Lime, White/ Purple, White/Orange, White/Pink, White/ Red, White/ Yellow .

The Virtue Spire Team Edition Hoppers come in limited edition color shells and have a Virtue Crown SF Speedfeed included as well! Current limited edition Spires are:

Edmonton Impact Brown, Russian Legion Red, Russian Legion Blue, and CP Raiders Grey.

Be on the lookout for a Virtue Spire 260 round paintball hopper, which reports say should be coming soon!

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