Paintball Guns

We carry a complete line of paintball markers, 300 paintball guns and packages in total. We have all of the brands you've come to trust as well as all the latest from hot names like:Tippmann, Kingman Spyder, US Army, Planet Eclipse, GOG, DYE, Empire, BT, Proto, Tiberiusand more.

Whether you're a newbie on the lookout for some cheap beginner paintball guns, or a woodsball player looking to pick up a gun package to upgrade your gear or ease a friend into the sport, we've got markers for every level of paintball player.

By far our most popular segment is our wide selection of scenario paintball guns. Whether you're looking for a classic pump paintball gun, what's become the standard in a semi-auto, or want to go all-out with an electronic marker, you'll find more than enough options to satisfy, and a few to spark your imagination towards building your own ultimate loadout. We also carry an impressive selection of often tough-to-find paintball sniper rifles, many of which are First Strike paintball compatible.

Whatever your paintball need, we have the guns you need to win, at prices that'll make you feel like a winner!

Key Considerations for Selecting your Paintball Marker

What's the best gun? That depends on your needs.

We like to ask 5 questions to help you select the right gun:

  1. What type of play do you prefer?
  2. What kind of firing mechanism do you want?
  3. What kind of air system do you want?
  4. What's your budget?
  5. Do you want to buy new or used?

1. Play Type

There are two main play styles, woodsball and speedball. Woodsball is played in forests, backyards, and often features scenario play and guns. Woodsball guns look black, military, or occasionally tan and olive, and typically have a mechanical firing function.

Speedball is a game of fast action, with electromechanic high rate of fire guns, frequently in arenas.

2. Firing Mechanism

A mechanical firing mechanism fires one paintball for every trigger pull.

Electropneumatic controls can speed the rate of fire beyond the speed of trigger pulls, allowing for a dramatic increase in balls fired per second. Electromechanical guns are more complex, and so there are additional concerns with cleaning and maintenance.

3. Air System

There are two types of air system used in paintball, CO2 and compressed air. CO2 is cheaper, and easier to find refills for. However, CO2 varies more in density due to heat, which gives a less consistent firing rate and range.

Compressed air or N2 tanks are far more expensive, and refills are both more expensive and more difficult to find. However, compressed air works well in any environment, and with greater consistency in firing rate and range. Many higher end guns require compressed air.

4. Budget

There are guns that fit into nearly any budget. A good rule of thumb is spending 10 to 15 times what you would expect to spend renting equipment in a year.

5. New or Used

Remanufactured guns are a good way to get into the game on the cheap. However, used guns will have a higher failure rate than new guns. With repair rates usually in the 40-60 per hour range, it doesn't take much new maintenance to cancel out the savings. Even if it's under warranty, the gun will likely be out of commission several weeks for repairs.

New guns are more expensive, but come in greater variety, and with the knowledge that the marker has not already suffered mechanical failure. The best gun is the one that fits your playstyle and your budget, and ultimately the only person who can determine the best gun for you is you. But if you'd like to talk to one of our experts, call us at 805.915.4280.