HK Army

HK Army Introduces Its Own Goggle System

Since 2008, HK Army has been a leading manufacturer of paintball gear including successful lines of protective gear, jerseys, harnesses, bags and feeds. Now, HK has branched out, and has enter the competitive arena of paintball masks.

HK's design team, with a century of cumulative experience in paintball created the KLR with the purpose of making a goggle that was as aesthetically impressive as it was technologically innovative.

HK Army Mask Features by Component

The lower portion of the face mask is made of an overmolded dual-density thermoplastic elastomer for breathability, mobility and maximum bounce. The mask's PURE lenses come in a rainbow of colors that provides infrared and ultraviolet shielding thanks to virgin optical-grade GE polycarbonate construction. 3M sealant foam keeps condensation off your lens, and you dry. The goggle's straps combine high resolution microstitching, with a coat of anti-slipping silicone guaranteed to prevent distortion and frays. The mask's soft ears are composed of laminated EVA, ventilated to allow optimal hearing and protection, with a base layer of high-density SBR memory foam to absorb impacts. The mask's PVT Lock swivels out to give players extremely fast access to their lens, handy for maintenance or cleaning.

There are millions of possible configurations for the KLR, enough for any player to make the goggle their own, and maybe enough to cement the KLR as the most customizable mask in the history of paintball.