Paintballs & Grenades

No matter what type of paintball you play, we can supply you with the right paint that you need. We have the top brands of paintballs on the market that range from lower quality practice paint to higher quality tournament paint. Top brands Empire, GI Sportz, and Valken have the paintballs that tournament level players love to use. Empire's Evil paintballs is one of the best tournament grade and best performance shooting paint out on the market and Heat is some of the best practice grade paint to purchase for your practice days. GI Sportz rates their paintballs with ratings from their Recreational 1 Star grade paint up to their Imperial 5 Star grade paint. This creates an easier method for making a decision of your paint choice. Valken has some of the most popular paint used at paintball fields on the market, with their practice grade Infinity to their tournament grade Redemption.

We carry both 68 and 50 caliber and an assortment of paint grenades, reusable target balls, and velcro 68 caliber balls. So if you're that scenario type who enjoys going out for war, Tippmanns Big Boy II or BT's M8 paint grenades may be an item to add to the inventory of battle goodies. Also if needing to work on aiming and shooting skills without dumping money into paint that always breaks, pick up some reusable target balls and set up a shooting area so that you can gather them back up and shoot them again!