Tippmann TPX Pistol HammerHead Barrel

Enhance your TiPX's accuracy with a HammerHead TiPX Pistol Rifled Paintball Barrel!

HammerHead Rifled Paintball Barrels are the most advanced paintball barrel in the industry today. Made in the USA, they are gun-drilled from solid aluminum barstock, not tubing due to the need to hold extremely tight tolerances to produce the finest quality barrel possible. HammerHead barrels are manufactured to exacting tolerances for accuracy, sound displacement and weight. Each barrel is carefully milled, micro-honed and polished to ensure these tolerances do not deviate from their engineering parameters. The HammerHead TiPX Pistol Rifled Barrel features a threaded tip to accept flash hiders, muzzle brakes and mock silencers. A threaded muzzle cap protects these threads when not in use.

HammerHead TiPX Pistol Rifled Barrel features:
  • - Gun drilled for precise tolerances
  • - True internal spiral rifling
  • - .688 internal diameter
  • - Increases accuracy and air efficiency
  • - Threaded muzzle to accept barrel accessories

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