New Empire Axe Pro for 2015 Unveiled

2015 empire axe pro

New Empire Axe Pro for 2015 Unveiled

The 2015 Empire Axe Pro just got better!

Everybody knows the Empire Axe is one of the baddest markers on the planet. Working hard in the labs, the team at Empire just took a killer marker and made some nice changes. The Axe’s “big brother” now has some improved ergonomics that give it a better feel and the new Redline OLED board gives this badass marker an upgraided “brain”.

Empire claims it is now easier to maintain due to the reduction in the size of the screws (now only requiring 2 hex wrenches for adjusting), the updated bolt removal system and accessible Eyes

Additional Pro upgrades:

  1. compact-relay ASA
  2. new trigger & trigger guard
  3. improved waterproofing
  4. upgraded clamping feedneck and
  5. improved micro honed two-piece Driver XX barrel

What? You want more?!!

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