PMI Black Maxx

The new Black MAxx semi-auto paintball gun is constructed of the latest Hi-TechAerospace materials, with no external moving parts, a .45 double finger trigger, andventuri bolt. This seamless design incorporates a unique locking system that allowsyou to remove almost all the internal parts in under 3 seconds! Made for Paintball;designed for life, this gun is a great buy.


  • .45 Double Trigger Frame with Guard
  • Custom Ported Aluminum Barrel
  • Pro Venturi bolt
  • Bottomline Bottle Adapter
  • Unique Rotary Safety Lock System
  • Flush Cocking System (invisible movement)
  • Quickly Field Strip your gun in under 3 seconds
  • Elliptic Lock System for No-Tool cleaning
  • Reliable Semi-Automatic Operation
  • Industry standard 7/8" right hand feed port
  • Accepts all Standard Paintball sights
  • Sleek, Compact and Stylish Ergonomic Design
  • Constructed from the latest Durable Hi-Tech Aerospace materials
  • Barrel Plug, elbow, & owners manual included
  • Six-Month Manufacturers Warranty

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