22 inch SniperBarrel for Tippmann A5 - X7 and X

The 22 Inch Sniper Barrel for A5 lets you shoot from a concealed position!

The 22 Inch Sniper Barrel for A5 Thread is built for the paintball sniper, that player who prefers to lie in wait for that perfect shot. This high performance barrel is crafted from choice grade aluminum and precision machined to tight tolerances. Ample straight porting from the muzzle dramatically quiets the shot while leaving enough unported length for optimum air efficiency. The 22 inch length is perfect for slipping the muzzle through brush, branches or gaps in a log fort, letting you sneak shots unseen and from well behind cover and concealment.

22 Inch Sniper Barrel - A5 Thread features:
  • - 22 inch overall length
  • - One piece aluminum construction
  • - Straight porting for an ultra quiet shot
  • - Fits Tippmann A5, X7, BT-4 and other markers with A5 barrel threads

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